Mo-Kan Kayak Fishing Series

Common Questions.....


Who Can Fish?  Anyone!  That's right, as long as you are in a kayak, are able bodied and willing to test your skills, and have the required safety and scoring equipment, you're more than welcome to join us in a fun day of fishing!
Are There Different Divisions?  There are two divisions....
Adult Division - This division is for all anglers eighteen years of age or older. 
Youth Division - This division is for all anglers under the age of eighteen. 
What does it cost to fish in these tournaments?  Please refer to the 'How to Register' tab under Event Info, and the individual event tabs listed under the Event Info section for more information.
What required equipment/gear do I need to compete?  Part of the beauty of this sport is the diversity it brings in the way of different styles of kayaks, different fishing gear, and different styles of approaching the skill of fishing.  There ARE a few required items you'll need to compete though....
1. A legal Measuring Device (please see the Rules tab on the site)
2. A digital camera with removable SD Card, a mobile phone with removable SD Card.  If you do not have a device with a removable SD card, you may be asked to be at weigh-in prior to the standard time so the tournament staff has time to look through your phone and verify pics.  IF you are a place finisher, the tournament staff will require a copy of your pictures to keep on file.
3. A legal PFD.  This can be as basic or as fancy as you'd like, but you are required to wear your PFD at all times while on the water during the tournament.


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