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Hawg Trough

Ketch Board


HAWG TROUGH and KETCH BOARD 'Bass & Kradle Combo':

The Hawg Trough and the Ketch Board are the ONLY allowable measuring board for the Mo-Kan Kayak Fishing Series.  Please make sure you are following these simple guidelines............


1.  Yellow or White Hawg Trough is allowable, and the Ketch Board comes in many colors.  Your Ketch Board MUST have be the 'Bass & Kradle Combo' version. 

2.  Inches only measurements on your measuring board.  No metric measurements are allowed.  Your Hawg Trough should have inch measurements on both sides, as pictured above, not inches on one side and metric on the opposite side.


3.  Please make sure your Hawg Trough lines are darkened.  Most anglers will chose to darken these lines with a sharpie.  Please darken lines in 1/4" increments.  Failure to properly darken measurement lines may result in a deduction of measurement due to tournament staff not being able to measure your fish properly.   The Ketch Board should come clearly marked.  If your board has wear on it, it is the anglers duty to make sure all lines are visible and clearly defined, or the tournament staff may deduct length or disqualify your fish.


4.  Please do NOT rely on Mo-Kan Kayak Fishing Series to have measuring boards for sale the day of the tournament.  This is your responsibility to have this in your possession for the tournament.


5.  Hawg Troughs can be ordered from Austin Canoe and Kayak.

6.  Ketch Boards 'Bass & Kradle Combo' can be ordered here.




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